LEGAL INFORMATIONNotation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

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Company Name
Nakanishi Metal Works Co., Ltd.
Fukushi Murai
3-3-5, Temmabashi, KITA-KU, OSAKA 530-8566
Necessary charges other than the price of goods
・Consumption tax
・Shipping charges specified in the information on each product
・COD fee in case your payment is based on Cash On Delivery transaction
How to place an order
To place an order, click CART to proceed to the purchase page, and then follow the procedures on the page. For registered members, logging into your account is necessary to place an order.
We might limit the number of sales unit.
Please read each product page for your thorough understanding.
Payment methods
We accept credit cards, Cash On Delivery combining with other payment method, and invoice combining with other payment method.
Due date for payment
Credit cards: The date you place an order
COD: Delivery agents will collect the payment of your order in cash onbehalf of us. Please make a cash payment upon delivery.
Delivery Time
Please confirm our standard delivery time frame specified on each product page.
We will contact you by e-mail or phone call in case your order is on back-oder or delay.
When you place an order on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, or days-off we determine, the following business day will be the official date of reciept of your order.
Returning / Exchanging of Product(s)
We will not accept any returns or exhanges on any account unless you contacted us by phone within a week from the time of delivery, and also your order information were confirmed by us.

【 Notice 】

We do not accept any returns or exhanges after the shippment was made.
If somehow a product is defective, we will issue a replacement.
If you wish to return or exchange products, please contact us by phone before you make a return shipment.

We do not accept any returns or exchanges in cases below specified unless somehow our failure or defect were found on product(s).

・Packaging is opened or, product(s) is used at your end, .
・Failurs or damages resulted from your action.
・Failures or damages resulted form repair, modification or disassembles made by you.
・Failures or damages resulted from a third person's inproper handling or inadequate maintenance,
not from the manufacturer or distributor.
・Failures or damages resulted from your improper or wrongful use contrary to the instruction manual.
・Accessories or accompanying items are missing from your returning package.
・Return or exchange request based on your preference.
・Please be sure that shipping cost is at you’re your own expense when you wish to return product(s) damaged by
natural phenomenan or force majeure that resulted in exceeding performance of product(s) that occurred after delivery. Examples of natural phnomenan and force majeure are as below:
Natural phenomenan examples are: effects of salinity on seashore, air pollution, massive amount of fugitive dust, soot, violent storm, heavy rain, flood, high tide water, lightning, fire, earthquake, land sinkage, abnormal high teperatrecoupled with low or high humidity Force majeure includes: abnormal voltage or brokerage and other failuras or damages resulted from other external factors



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