Pallet trucks

Pallet truck realizes the low cost of transfer pallets. Pallet truck is moved by man, however big handle made of plastic and our improvements of hydraulic pump and wheel support easy operation. We offer high quality which has satisfactory result and reliance. Please contact our distributor.

Pallet truck NC siries

  • Big handle made of plastic
  • Hydraulic pump with over-loading prevent device
  • Falling speed control available by grip adjustment
  • Material of fork is 4.5 centimeters in thickness
  • White tiers is standard
  • Large size guide ski which can move in and out the pallet is equipped


Pallet trucks - Sales feature

Our truck is good at efficiency and laborsaving. This is a reason why our pallet truck is chosen by a lot of people.

Pallet trucks

We equip a handle made plastic, and it is designed that operator strength into at holding a handle.
And we equip white tires for resistant the tire mark.
Large size guide ski which can move in and out the pallet smooth is designed

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Please contact our distributor for custom-built.
We offer the specification of custom-built for efficiency in factories and warehouses.
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