Walkie counterbalanced stackers

Walkie counterbalanced stackers Walkie counterbalanced stackers work by electric drive and electric lift in safety. You can control drive and lift operation by centralized control hand device. You can load this walkie into elevator, because of light weight and compact size.  And this walkie accepts any pallets.

Walkie counterbalanced stackers Series of FX

  • Easy operation in safety
  • Efficient and easy control by centralized control hand device
  • A sandwiched protection switch is standard equipment. If an operator is sandwiched between the truck and wall, the switch is pushed and the truck moves to a fork mounted side.
  • Brake function when the handle is moved to stopping position which is standing position and horizontal position.
  • In the specification of lifting height 2,480mm, the stepless speed variator (chopper) is standard equipment. The equipment realizes smooth drive.
  • Fork lifting speed control is available by turning radius of control knob.
  • Fork can be held, so the over length make shorter. It can be loaded into elevator.


Walkie counterbalanced stackers - Sales feature

Walkie counterbalanced stackers

Lifting control
Fork lifting speed is controlled by number of motor rotation. You can control easily by finger.
Centralized control hand device
The drive and lift are controlled by finger touch control knob. The control knob is more simple operation than control by button.
Forks made forging
Our walkie counterbalanced stackers equip fork made forging
Fork can be held. So it can be loaded into elevator.
Easy inspection
You can inspect easily because full open cover is equipped.
Ergonomic steering handle
The steering handle is shaped for safe operation and management of stress. Women and beginners can operate easy.
Improvement in safety
Low guard is installed. It is validity equipment for protect getting caught of foot.

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