Electric towing tractor

A towing tractor transports large quantity cargo at once by one operator. We offer three load capacity models which are 1.3t, 2.0t, 3.0t, 4.0t and 5.0t. Moreover those models have type of seated and type of stand-in. Our tractors put not only powerful but also comfortable operation.

Electric towing tractor DSP & DTP series

  • You can choose from towing capacity 1300~3000kg for your requirement.
  • Each model can be chosen between seated and stand-in operation.
  • The body is compact size, but it have satisfactory width for stability.
  • You can serve easily every day, because a batter cover can open full.
  • Battery can be pulled out from rear side of body. ( Option )





Electric towing tractor - Sales feature

Electric towing tractor -  Sales feature

Easily getting on and off
Floor height of 2 & 3ton class seated type is 305mm. Floor height of 1ton class is 252mm.The height of stand-in operation type is lower than that of seated type. Operator can get on and off easily.
The space to get on and off is wide.
We take enough room at an opening to get on and off an operator seat easily.
Accurate operation of accelerator
The floor of stand-in operation type is roomy for operation of accelerator. The design of stand-in operation type makes you both operation of accelerator and steering at the same time.
Easy maintenance for battery
You can preserve easily every morning, because the case of battery is full opening type. The battery can be pulled out at rear side when the battery is exchanged. (Option)

Please contact our distributor for custom-built.
We offer the specification of custom-built for efficiency in factories and warehouses.
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